RS Vanquisher
RS Vanquisher
Ship Info
Tier 3
Line RS
Previous Ship RS Essence
Next Ship RS Conquest

The RS Vanquisher is the Tier 3 ship of the RS Line in Enigmata: Genu's Revenge. For a Tier 3 ship, it has average armor, shield and equip slots, pretty high energy, speed and firespeed, but bad weapon. It's a great upgrade from RS Essence, and unlike its predecessors, it's clearly NOT the worst Tier 3 ship! In fact, if you're using the RS line, it starts off awry, but start to get better and better at this point. It costs 1,550,000 Gold.


  • Pretty high energy
  • High ship speed, equals to the Tricraft ship of its tier!
  • Highest fire speed of its tier, in contrast to its predecessors which both has the lowest fire speed of their tiers.


  • Low fire rate
  • Low firepower

Upgrades from RS EseenceEdit

  • Armor +115
  • Shield +50
  • Energy +20
  • Damage +17
  • Fire Speed +12