Boss Info
Level 5
Difficulty Easy
Previous Boss War Drone
Next Boss Cytokon Barrier

The Reversion is the 5th boss of Enigmata: Genu's Revenge. True to its name, it has 2 drones, each with a reflecting shield that'll reflect your bullets, so if you don't fight it carefully you'll eventually find yourself killed by your own bullets. The ship itself if not that dangerous, though. In fact it's even weaker than War Drone! So if you continuously use Destroy Shield to disable the shields of the drones and take them out first, the boss will become a piece of cake. Be warned, however, that speed is of the essence if you wish to use that strategy. The drones will regain their shields if you don't take them out fast enough. Another way is to just use Unleashed Plasma against it, since it's not affected by the shields and can damage the drones and the boss directly as if those shields never existed.