Star Annihilator
Star Annihilator
Ship Info
Tier 3 (Rank AA)
Line REF
Previous Ship Assassin
Next Ship Lobos Tyrian

The Star Annihilator is the third REF ship in the Enigmata series. It has medium shield, high firerate, very high speed and handling, and perfect armor and firepower. Again, like all REF ships, its combination of perfect armor and firepower makes it a very good "tank", and this ship is quite maneuverable too because of its high speed and handling. However, it still suffers from low firerate and strength, like all REF ships. It costs 445,000 Gold to buy.

Upgraded from AssassinEdit

  • Speed: High --> Very High (+1 rating)
  • Handling: Medium --> Very High (+2 rating)
  • Firepower: Very High --> Perfect(+1 rating)
  • Shield: Low --> Medium (+1 rating)
  • Armor: Very High --> Perfect (+1 rating)
  • Firerate: Medium --> High (+1 rating)